Moderna vaccine allowed for emergency use US FDA

[Washington = Tosuke Sumii] On the 18th, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the emergency use of the new corona vaccine of the US biotechnology company Moderna. This is the second case in the United States, following the vaccine developed by major US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and others. Inoculation will start soon. with the Pfizer vaccine, inoculation is given priority to medical personnel and residents of facilities for the elderly. According to Secretary of Health and Welfare Other, 5.9 million shipments (2.95 million people) will be shipped initially.

The FDA’s advisory board has recommended that emergency use for people over the age of 18 be allowed as “profit outweighs risk”.

The Moderna vaccine requires two doses every four weeks and is 94.1% effective in preventing the onset. The FDA evaluated that “there were no particular safety concerns,” and said that side effects included pain at the inoculation site, fatigue, and headache, but few were serious. There was no difference in the effect depending on the age, gender, race, etc. of the subjects.

Moderna will supply 20 million doses (10 million people) to the United States by the end of the year. Next year, it plans to ship 500 to 1 billion doses to the world. It has agreed with the Japanese government to supply 50 million doses (for 25 million people).



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